Sayara Supports East Africa Better Migration Management Program

This summer, Sayara launched a regional project in partnership with Expertise France to map available government and non- governmental services for the referral of trafficked persons, vulnerable migrants, and refugees in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan. The project falls under the EU-funded “Better Migration Management” (BMM) program. This project seeks to improve migration management throughout the Horn of Africa in countries of origin, transit, and destination.

BMM aims to provide relevant institutions with the adequate information and the tools to operationalize national referral mechanisms (NRM), with an emphasis on countering human trafficking. Sayara is working with Expertise France (EF), government institutions and local partners to develop a regionally encompassing framework through which to conduct comprehensive mapping of all relevant assistance providers (government and non-government) related to NRMs.

The mapping process will incorporate existing referral directories into an accessible dynamic master list of assistance providers. The end goal of the intervention is to develop a regionally-appropriate framework through which beneficiaries can address migration challenges and foster inter-governmental cooperation and coordination in close collaboration with NGO and international assistance providers.