Introducing Sayara International in East Africa

As CEO, it is my great pleasure to introduce Sayara International’s East Africa office, based in Nairobi. Sayara is a development consulting firm that specializes in research, monitoring and evaluation, behavioral-change communication, governance, countering violent extremism, disinformation, migration, and youth and education. East Africa is a center of innovation, economic growth, and experimentation, yet it confronts many challenges including extremism, disinformation, inclusion of marginalized groups, and institutional fragility. Sayara is committed to bringing its expertise into partnership with communities, governments, and other development actors to support the forward progress of East African countries and the region as a whole. 

When my colleagues and I founded Sayara, we were guided by a core understanding that extremism, violence, civil unrest, and the erosion of democratic institutions are symptoms of poor governance and a lack of social cohesion. Rather than treating symptoms, we would focus on their underlying causes. Sayara has a track record of implementing innovative programs that increase government responsiveness and social cohesion by providing real-time research, public communication strategies, and support to civil society.

Headquartered in the Washington, DC region we are responsive to client needs in complex environments through local expert knowledge and an ethical, evidence-based approach. Our work so far in East Africa including in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Sudan has reflected that approach. Through our Paris, Kabul, Beirut, and Medellin offices Sayara delivers services to clients around the world, including the World Bank, United Nations (UNDP, UNOPS, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNANA, UNICEF, UN Women), US Government, European Union, UK Government, GIZ, universities, international NGOs, and other major donors and local governments. We look forward to continuing to grow here in East Africa and the Horn and hope that you will reach out to our local staff in Nairobi if you need more information. 

-Scott Shadian