Sayara Team Attends the NATO StratCom Conference in Riga

On the 11th of June, the NATO Center of Excellence (COE) hosted their annual two-day conference, The Riga StratCom Dialogue 2019, bringing together 700 participants representing academia, businesses, military and the public sector to discuss the most pressing strategic communications challenges.

The conference offered a host of panel sessions and workshops covering a range of issues, including:

– The impact of emerging technologies on communication and the overall state of democracy. Emphasis was placed on the challenges and opportunities of AI-driven systems.

– Policy makers from the UK, Latvia and Estonia discussed past responses from state and international organizations to the uncontrolled spread of information, as well as the ways in which regulation should evolve. Among other things, panelists discussed the Fake News law recently introduced in Singapore (POFMA).

– India and China; The workshop on India discussed the role of modern technologies and their impact on the 2019 Indian elections. The workshop on China focused on the opportunities and threats of the country’s investments in strategic communication and new technologies.

– Russian disinformation; Panellists, including Keir Giles, Mark Laity and Pavel Felgenhauer, discussed the Russian disinformation offensive. One panelist emphasized that we should not overestimate the success and strength of Russian cyber-attacks and information aggression, but to treat this as a permanent threat requiring monitoring, study and adequate operational response.

The panel “Learning Everything: Integration of Information into Defense Management” was the concluding event of the conference. Military representatives from France, Germany, Canada and Finland called on the research community to continue supporting the military sector by providing in-depth insights into strategic communication.

We are grateful to the NATO COE for organizing this event and for the rich discussions with the panelists and participants.

*Photo taken from NATO Center of Excellence (COE) official Facebook page.