Russian attack on Ukraine

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine facing this attack from Russia. Our thoughts are especially with Sayara staff, consultants, partners, and clients who are from Ukraine or who have close ties with the country. This attack is both unprovoked and without justification. 

We hope that Russia will reconsider its actions and that the rest of the world will support Ukraine to help bring this to a swift, peaceful conclusion. 

Those wishing to help Ukraine and its people in this difficult time can donate to the following local organizations: 

  • Vostok-SOS – Comprehensive assistance to conflict-affected persons and IDPs, promoting democratic transformation and human rights values in Ukraine.  
  • Save Life – Veteran rehabilitation and relief for Ukrainian soldiers’ families. 
  • Korporatsiya Monstriv – Medical, social, and humanitarian help for children and elderly people. Providing support (food, medicines, clothes, etc.) to children and elderly refugees from Donbas and Luhansk oblasts who are relocating to Odesa. 
  • United Help UA – Medical aid and humanitarian relief.